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We represent and serve the residents of the Bruderheim community and surrounding area.

Web:  www.bruderheimagsoc.ca
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Phone:  780-796-3357

5248 Queen St.
Bruderheim, AB
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Lamont Family and Community Support Services

Kind and Generous Sponsors are
a big part of our success

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our generous sponsors without which many of our programs would not be possible.  We are grateful for their generosity with the gifts of their time and money.  Follow the below links to find out more about them and to reciprocate their investment in us whenever possible.

Knowledgeable And Experienced Organizations available to us for support and information

We would like to recognize our affiliates and organizations that we are proud to be associated with.  To find out more about their programs and how they are “linked” to us or to access their expertise just follow the link to their web page.

The Bruderheim Ag Society would like to thank all our sponsors and support organizations who invest in our community and the initiatives and programs we develop to improve the experience of being a resident of the Bruderheim community.  These companies and agencies are key contributors to the growth of our events and programs. They are committed to sustaining our programs and we are committed to supporting them!

Alberta Professional Chuckwagon & Chariot Association

A wish to extend a special “Thank You”
to our 2016 Ag Days Sponsors


Carey Industrial
Services Ltd.



 Massage Therapy

For your generous donation of our registration booth

In partnership with Home Hardware, the Town of Bruderheim and the Bruderheim Agricultural Society


A Special Thank You to our generous community partner

                                             (BRUDERHEIM TERMINAL)

      For their generous contribution to our
Tiger Garden
at Bruderheim School

Our Newest Website Link….feel free to browse all of this site but we have condensed a list of critical topics, as in the list below:

Resilient Rurals is a partnership between the towns of Bruderheim, Gibbons and Lamont for a regional climate change adaptation and resilience project within Alberta's Industrial Heartland.

It's a new approach—created by small towns: for small towns:

Read the below links:

             Climate Smart Gardening and Native Plants


Flood-Tolerant Native Plant Species in Alberta

Drought-Tolerant Native Plant Species in Alberta

Native Plants Tools to Support Nature-Based Solutions

 Agriculture and Climate Adaptation


Rural Routes To Climate Solutions: Why More Farmers Are Taking The Road Less Travelled