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We represent and serve the residents of the Bruderheim community and surrounding area.

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Enhancing Green Spaces in Communities

People, Plants and Pride… Growing Together

Putting Down Roots in Bruderheim!

About Communities in Bloom

Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement and the challenge of a national program, with focus on the enhancement of green spaces. The pride, sense of community and feeling of accomplishment generated through participation are visible in communities across Canada. For more information about Communities in Bloom, visit www.communitiesinbloom.ca.

Communities are invited to participate in the provincial or national editions, within their population category.

Benefits of participating in Communities in Bloom:

Canada’s 150th Anniversary

Showcase your Community
by participating in the
Communities in Bloom Program
and prepare for 2017

The Bruderheim Agricultural Society is proud to partner with Thiels Greenhouse, the Town of Bruderheim and Communities in Bloom to offer gardening workshops and opportunities to be involved in our community garden projects.

In 2016, we held our first “Dig N Dirt Day” event at Thiels Greenhouse. Residents from Bruderheim and surrounding area came to plant vegetable in raised planters utilized as additions to our Community Gardens Projects. The plants and soil were donated by Thiels Greenhouse and the raised planters were built by Mr. Smith, a senior who donated materials and time for this project. Residents from Bruderheim and surrounding area came to plant vegetable gardens in raised planters.

The Town of Bruderheim staff and the Bruderheim Ag Society volunteers took care of the watering and maintenance of the community gardens.

Residents in need utilized the food from the gardens and the excess vegetables were harvested and taken to the Lamont County Food Bank. The Royal Bank staff volunteered at this event and also donated $1000 to the Lamont County Food Bank.

Dig N Dirt Days event- a partnership with the Town of Bruderheim, Lamont County Food Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Thiels Greenhouse and the Bruderheim Ag Society.

Dig N Dirt Days


Gardens are not made by singing “Oh, how beautiful,” and sitting in the shade.

            Rudyard Kipling

Food Bank

Bruderheim’s category for the 2017 National Edition of Communities in Bloom will be:

Our judges will be: Lucy Chang & Louise Dumouchel (click for bios for each judge)

Important dates:

Check out the National and International List of Finalists for 2017 !

2017 Communities in Bloom Competition

Communities participate with other communities in their population category within their province.

Provincial judges evaluate the communities on the eight program criteria, receive a “bloom rating” and are awarded this rating at a provincial awards ceremony in the fall.

To receive 5 blooms is the highest rating:


Award Winning 5 Blooms!

1 Bloom:  up to 55 points
2 Blooms: 55-63 points
3 Blooms: 64-72 points
4 Blooms: 73-81 points
5 Blooms:  82 points and more

2016 winner: Bruderheim, AB

The objective for the Community of Gardeners Award is to recognize broad Community Involvement in gardening and horticulture projects. To qualify for this Award, involvement from all stakeholders within the community must be quite evident and a success factor of the municipality’s participation in Communities in Bloom. It must also demonstrate how best practices in horticulture are an important part of the community involvement initiatives”.                      ……by Scotts   

Community of Gardeners

Prince Edward Island
National Communities in Bloom
Town of Bruderheim receiving 5 Blooms.


Thank you and congratulations to all of our hard-working Bruderheim residents who participated in the CIB competition since 2002.!  Your hard work has paid off!

Bruderheim Ag’s Tree Planting Project is possible with the generous funding by Shell Community Investment Resources. The majority of the work was done in Oct 2016- as volunteers planted 463 trees - all native species and including edible fruit native species. These trees are all planted at the Bruderheim Ag Grounds.

The partnership was Shell Canada, Tree Canada, Town of Bruderheim and the Bruderheim Agricultural Society.

Tree Planting Program


“He that plants trees loves others besides himself”.

            Dr. Thomas Fuller

Our community residents take great pride and joy from their efforts to learn about nature and nourish our flower beds, gardens and how these benefit our own well-being.  Nourishing the flowers, nourishes the soul!

A Special

to United Rentals for their donation of the
40 – 50 Boom to hang the Canada 150
banners along Queen Street in Bruderheim.

Well done, they look beautiful!