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We represent and serve the residents of the Bruderheim community and surrounding area.

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5248 Queen St.
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The Bruderheim Agricultural Society, Town of Bruderheim, Thiels Greenhouses, Royal Bank of Canada, Lamont County Food Bank and Lamont County Family and Community Support Services joined together and provided funding and resources such as:  plants, soil, staff and volunteers, to create 16 pallet gardens of vegetables to provide learning experiences the younger members of our community.

To date, Bruderheim youth and their families participated in an activities:

We believe that if the younger generation loses this understanding, it can lead them to take man’s most precious helpers in nature for granted.  They need to realize the importance of other living species and respect that we need them to thrive in their portion of the cycle of life so that we can thrive in ours.

We Can All Help!
We can all help, by supporting pollinator conservation initiatives, and growing plants and flowers for pollinators. Think twice before using
pesticides, and take a look at these 10 tips to help save the bees, many of which will be beneficial to insects and insect pollination as a whole. You can also ask your council to get involved.

Educational Programming for our Youth is a Priority

The Bruderheim Ag Society has plans for further educational programs for our residents and our youth to help our community sustain its efforts to beautify and nurture our environment.
We can all help by:

Continuing Educational Programs

2023 Educational Programming and Rabbit Show with E.A.R.S.

Walker Museum will be open on Canada Day


2023 Canada Day will be celebrated this July

2023 Cosmic Skate Park will host a Family Fun Fest this summer



Photo credit to Fort Sask Online



2023 Cosmic Skate Park Flying Disc Competition this summer


Knowledge And Hands on Experience to Teach the Importance of Agriculture, the Ecosystem and Our Community

An ecosystem includes all of the living things (plants, animals and organisms) in a given area, interacting with each other, and also with their non-living environments (weather, earth, sun, soil, climate, atmosphere).
In an ecosystem, each organism has its own niche or role to play, in particular our younger generation!.


Ongoing Learning - We learn together

The Bruderheim Ag Society and the Town of Bruderheim have begun the work - funding, planning to eventually buil a new playground - complete with landscaping.



2023 New Playground


We can’t wait to put this into action!  What a great place to bring the kids.  There is no substitute for fresh air and exercise.

Community Programming for our residents is always fun!

More photos
to follow